Can I do a ghost 9.0 type backup with backitup

They advertisement says backitup that is in nero uploaded 6.6 can do a full backup and supports dual layer now , My question is…
Can I do the same type of backup with backitup utility in Nero uploaded 6.6 as you can in norton ghost 9.0 , in other words copy everything on the hardrive so say for example if I need to replace the hardrive or have a major crash after using a boot disc to get into the computer and sticking in the image disc made with nero backitup everything that was on the old hardrive would be replace with one dual layer 9.4 gig disk ( I do a have benq 16x dvdrw dual layer burner and a ritek dvd-r dual layer disk ) or would it just be all my personally created data type of backup and I still would need to buy ghost 9.0 to do what I want to do ?

Try using nero backit up utility. It’s not like norton ghost, but it’s also handy. You can backup your whole hdd

Ghost supports imaging of hard drives where as Nero BackitUp backs up HD’s and also
files and folders using compression to backup your data.

Nero backitup can struggle when making a copy of the operating system drive (normally C:) as it is a windows program, and some file are sometime left open because you are using windows, and these do not get properly backed up. It seems to vary from PC to PC though.

Ghost on the other hand is essentially a DOS type application, and windows is not opened, and the full operating system disk can be properly backed up. Even if you use the windows interface for Ghost, it is quite clever as it sets up a virtual DOS partition, and boots to that.

I have used Ghost several times to restore the C drive with 100% success.

For the small sum of money for Ghost, it is well worth it for reliability. There are other more sophisticated back up utilities that support incremental backup etc (I think even the latest Ghost may support this), but for most home users, such features are rarely required. Most people just want to restore the disk to a known condition.

Well the new version of symantec ghost doesn’t operate in dos mode; Infact you can even backup your hdd while working in windows. It uses a completely different engine.

Acronis TrueImage is even better.

I just got Ghost 9.0 and did a full drive backup in windows. :iagree:

Thanks Guys
I really appreciate your help and suggestions …

Please elaborate.