Can I do 8x on -R with my 800a and b3IC FW?

My brain has gone bonkers reading and searching. I give up and figured i would just ask. I can do +R at 8x on my 800a flashed to b3IC, but will I be able to write 8x on a -R ? ive tried on a -R4x TY and no go. So, is it a no go all around at 8x -R (using 4x media:)) or is it a media brand issue. Thanks.

right on , no 8X burning with any 4X -R media, you have to buy brand name 8X -R for that.

That stinks:( My nec2500 does 4x -R @8x… but I like my BenQ more… I dont know why…I just do.


With more brilliant responses like that I’m sure you will go far in life.