Can I disable multi-session reading on Asus DRW-24B1LT?



Hey all,

Weird question I’m sure (and I hope I’m not asking something that’s been covered before), but I’m having no luck ripping an XCP-protected CD (I have autorun disabled, so no rootkit was installed) and was wondering if there was a way to temporarily disable multi-session reading so I can just get to the audio portion of this CD?

(btw, I’ve tried covering up the data are of the CD with tape… no luck there. IsoBuster is showing data both in track 1 and 13… does that mean I’ll have to cover up near the inner ring in addition to the outer edge?)

I also have a Samsung writer (from 2008 - model number escapes me) if it’s easier to do on that one.

Thanks for any help… I really need to rip this CD. It’s not something I can find elsewhere, as it’s a UK promo with a different version of this album.