Can I damage my DVD Player?

I just bought a triple-combo TV/VCR/DVD player from Sylvania. The instruction manual specifically states that attempting to play VCDs may result in a “malfunction”. Is this actually possible? I can understand it being UNABLE to play a VCD. I can even understand that the DISC might be damaged - but how could the PLAYER get damaged by the disc? Or does “malfunction” just mean “it may not play”? It’s certainly worded (“Never play back, or malfunction may result”) in such a way as to sound scary.

LOL, that’s funny! Not just the fact that it says malfunction, but the fact that it cant play VCD. I have a very early dvd player and even it can play (s)vcd. Players have been able to play vcd before dvd players were even released :smiley:

But to answer that question… I dont see how it would do any damage to the player, if the player is just unable to read vcd then it would probably react to the disk the same as it would a severely scratched disk, and give a read error.

i agree, it sounds a bit silly that it would damage the player.