Can I d/l newer vers Clone DVD over the last version?

I believe that I asked this before and tried to find my posts/threads and may have asked that as well, I went to Quick Links, Profile, clicked on my name and can’t find my posts/threads.
I apologize for this. I simply wanted to know if I could directly d/l the new version of Clone DVD overtop of the last version.
I know I can do that with Any DvD.
I look forward to a reply.
Thank you for your time.
BTW, I tried googling for an answer as well and could not come up with anything and so that is why I posted here.
Again thx.

Yes you can, I do it without issues.

Thx for the quick reply, any idea how to get to my threads and posts? I haven’t visited for awhile and the new format of the forum is a little different.
Thank you.

Use the search at the top and put your nick in the top box and click go. I found your post back in 2006 on this subject.

I was able to find my posts when told to click on my name, however with this new format I could not find the threads/posts. Each forum has a different method and I thank you for the reply.
When did this change occur? As I mentioned I am not a frequent visitor here.
Thank you

It’s been this way since I’ve been around? Maybe one of the older hands can give you some idea. Sorry, I just don’t know.

That’s ok, I was just wondering. I really appreciate your promptness in getting back to me.
It is greatly appreciated.