Can I cut clips directly from a DVD



Hello my name is Thom and I have just recently begun working with video material. I am interesting in cutting specific clips from movies. Can I cut directly from a DVD (if so what program can I use) or do I need to “rip it” to my hard drive first (using DVD Shrink) then what program can I use to pull a short clip of the movie?


In the encoding program TMPGEnc. if you go to File then down to MPEG Tools there is a Merge & Cut option that might help you, you may have to rename the .vob to .mpg for TMPGEnc. to recognise it, have only used it on home video myself but maybe it’s worth a try.


DVD Shrink allows this if you use “re-author” you can select a start and stop frame from a given file on the source dvd, and rip it to the hard drive for later encoding to a vcd/dvdr project…:slight_smile:

Hope this helps


I recommend getting Intervideo WinDVD Player, because you can capture video and audio with the program to your hard drive. So just fire up the program run whatever video you wanna capture from cue up to the part you want to capture and svae away.


How do you do it with win dvd. i dont see an option to capture?