Can I crossflash AD-5240S to get LabelFlash?

Hello all. :slight_smile:

I came across a seemingly working NEC AD-5240S drive, which happens to be my first SATA optical device after 7 IDE ones I collected over time (12 if you count partially working ones), so that’s cool! :slight_smile: The only issue is that I was hoping to (finally) get the ability to “burn” some visible images on my DVD recordables (using LabelFlash technology), but NEC AD-5240S sadly doesn’t support it. :frowning: Can I crossflash it to AD-5243S, and is it safe for my (only) SATA drive? Which steps would I need to take, if the operation is possible - I didn’t find the appropriate information on this while searching the forum?

Thanks in advance for any help. :slight_smile:

Look for packages from @CrazyCats for this construction …
Here’s a step-by-step crossflash AD-5240S to AD7240S but to all models of the structure looks the same …

Thanks for reply, czary2mary1. So, it is possible I guess. :slight_smile:

Now, I’m a newbie to this, so I need just a bit more info. I downloaded BinFlash. Where do I get this PLSCSI.EXE application and the other files you showed on a picture? Is NecDriveConverter from Liggy and Dee doing the same BootCode change (5240S to 5243S) but in a simpler procedure, so then I only need to apply standard 5243S firmware? What more can I get from 5240S besides LabelFlash - faster reading/writing, LightScribe too, something else? I don’t have any DVD-RAM discs, so don’t need to change to 7240S just for that reason. And thanks again. :slight_smile:

Update: Tried Liggy and Dee NecDriveConverter but it failed to recognize my AD-5240S. It seems the program was written before the 5xxx series of drives and doesn’t support them.

I went to this page:, but I didn’t find AD-5240S in any of the listed packages. There is only 5540A 5200S and 7200S. :frowning: Where did you get the files listed on your picture above and where can I download them?

NecDriveConverter from Liggy and Dee has no right to act with structures Optiarc.

I am now of the area far from home and I do not carry the necessary programs.
How do you manage to break away from the computer [B]@Blackened2687[/B] ask that let you toss his instructions, he too should it be …
And if not you have to wait until I get home …

I am no longer available. If the topic still current
Here you have crossflash Sony Optiarc AD-7250H for Sony Optiarc AD-7263S which we have recently done an identical manner as the AD-5240 \ 7240.