Can i crossflash a 811s to 812s?





No. The chipset is different.


but in a review of the 812s it said it shares the same internals at the 811s.


link to review?
811 and 812s are completely different drives.

you can crosfflash 401s->411s->811s
and 1213s->1613s->1633s->1653s


LITE-ON IT CORP. has released the SOHW-812S half-height ATAPI / E-IDE 8x DVD Dual ReWriter. Sharing internal parts and mechanism with the previous LiteOn model (LDW-811S), the drive is capable of writing DVD+R and DVD-R media at 8x, while the rewritable speed is 4x for both DVD+RW and DVD-RW formats.

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It has a different OPU (which is the main problem) and a different revision of the analog processor, which can also handle -R at 8x.


i see


worth a try