Can I create audio CD from Music DVD?

Hello all:

I own several Music…concert…DVD’s. I also have a dvd-rom on my system.

Can I use Nero somehow…recoder perhaps…to get the Stereo soundtrack and butn it to CD for listening in my car?

If so, will it be tracks or 1 long track?


If you’re talking about DVD videos, (concert videos), you have 2 options. The cheapest is to simply record the audio in real time, using something like Total Recorder . The other option is to use an audio ripper like DVD Audio Ripper . Based on my limited experience with these things, the results are not much different. Once you have the audio in a wave file, you can use Nero or Nero Wave Editor to split it into tracks or whatever you wish.

I also recommend not ripping 5:1 audio, but to rip the 2-channel (2:1) audio for the best results. Ripping 5:1 into a stereo 2 channel mix sometimes results in weird mixing of the sound.

Thank you. I tried decrypter and it seemed OK. Took your advice on 2 chl as the Concert I wanted is on a DTS format as well. I did not edit it into tracks. I thought it would be OK to hear the whole concert.

I’ve been attempting, for the last couple of days, to pull audio from the Dolby Digital track on my DVD-Audio discs. (I know I can’t record the high-res DVD-A tracks). I’ve been succesfull at creating a wav file using BeSweet software (found here: ) and DVDShrink to create a vob file with just the 2.0 DD track. BeSweet created a nice wav file from the vob file but of course it’s one big track. So I pulled it in to Nero’s Wave Editor software to add track breaks. It added them fine but when I go to “Save Tracks As Files” it will export about 2 tracks fine but then say tracks 3-13 all get written as one track again…? :a

Any ideas on how to fix that? Or perhaps some other software that will actually do it properly? :confused:

Thanks :slight_smile:


The reason I used BeSweet rather than DVD Audio Ripper is that it doesn’t allow ripping of non-DVD video titles, in other words, the DVD-A discs I’m trying to copy to CD.

Ok well I’ve found a temporary solution around it. When it makes files 1 & 2 normally and 3 is giant I then open 3, get it to detect track breaks and save again. It then creates one or two proper files then another large one. I open the large one, detect the breaks and save again…etc.

Now this seems to work so far but… IT’s A GIANT PAIN IN THE @$$!!!

Please, any help is greatly appreciated.

Well, I was not using DVD-A but just a concert from a DVD with a DTS sound track. I did not try to break it apart, but a person I work with does, I think.

Well if you can find out what they’re using, it would be much appreciated :wink: