Can I create a photo galley?

I am trying to create a DVD Video disc. One of the special features I want to add to it is a photo gallery, like the ones available on the Star Wars DVDs (non-motion ones) how would I go about doing this? I also want to be able to access the gallery on the main menu. Could I do this by putting the photos in a DATA folder or do I have to add them to a VIDEO_TS folder?

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you might have a look at GUI for DVD Author. I am using this software myself for the DVDs I am creating.


I think I might create a slideshow dvd, then import it into my dvd authoring program as a separate video from my main feature. This way I could create a menu with a selectable button to access the slideshow.

I use DVDLab Pro, which is rather expensive, but has a fully functional trial that is good for 30 days I believe. It can create the slideshow and, unlike GUIforDVDAuthor, it can accept an already authored dvd-video as input. The help file included with DVDLab Pro is one of the best I’ve seen, so look through it carefully on how to add a second movie to your first and how to create and link movies to the buttons on the menu.

Nero Vision also works

I haven’t worked much with slideshows but aren’t they all in motion?
Meaning all change the photo after a certain amount of seconds.

I think what the OP wants to know is how to create a photo gallery of stills .
He wants these stills to be individually selectable & remain still for as long as he wants to view them.
Part 2 : He then wants to access this photo gallery from the main menu.

I don’t know how to do that myself but I think that is the question.

It’s been a while since I last used this, hope it helps!..
Good luck!