Can i create a data cd in media player 11 w/o a playlist file?



I have tons of music on my hard drive. And I rarely create cds but I recently started. And I notice u can make data cds that hold tons more music and that works fine for the pc. But here is the problem that I can’t figure out…

When I put the cd-rw into my xbox it says it’s mixed media and it won’t attempt to play it. So looked at all the songs and they are mp3 format so i was questioning what it was seeing that it considered a non mp3 file. Well media player 11 adds a playlist file on the cd. I don’t want that. I already got rid of the folders and junk that it put on there because I have no need for that. I want to just put the cd in, put it on shuffle, and let it be. I’m not browsing the files on the pc.

So does anyone know how to create a data cd in media player 11 so that it doesn’t add the playlist file?