Can i copyright my dna?

So that nobody could clone me.

Or trademark , or patent it. Naah… patenting it would be impossible… or not ?

Just wondering…

From a legal aspect i really dont know. Maybe Phil can contribute to this.

But i would be very curious to see whether this could be done. Although each human has a unique genome sequence, some/many genes of the same species should be identical, ie genes that code for specific proteins/enzymes/hormones lets say insulin. Copyrighting your genome would automatically mean copyrighting the sequence responsible for the production of insuling among others. Then you could ask fo money from anybody using it, aka all other humans, companies that use bacteria to produce it and even from some non human species since if i remember correctly insulin is almost identical in pigs and whales etc.

Oh well, just another strange poll by MrB, giving rise to strange thoughts/arguments …

… who would want to clone an ugly smoking penguin anyways geez! :stuck_out_tongue:

Am not worried about this, nobody in his right mind would want to clone me :wink:

However, certain elements of my DNA can be used for certain (evil) purposes…would it then be possible to copyright certain parts of DNA…but this question can only be answered if DNA as a whole can be copyrighted…

I don’t think so.

Methinks that your parents have legal right over your DNA, as they originally constructed you :stuck_out_tongue:

why thet hell would we want to clone you :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


i am curious too

Stupid Question (maybe, i don’t know):

Do you pay to law-copyright something?

What if you’re a part of an identical twin ?
Who gets the rights then ?
And can you purchase the copyrights of your evil twin from another dimension ?

Questions… questions … questions… and not even god has the answers.

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Questions… questions … questions… and not even god has the answers. [/B]

Did you asked these questions to him??

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Did you asked these questions to him??

Nope, he didn’t ask me

technically… yes!
but technically (again) not against naturally formed equivallent/similiar design…
the legal battle would be exhaustive and expensive :bigsmile:
good for lawyer :bigsmile:

Clone a st()()ned penguin???/gs.:confused:

copyright nature?

I was thinking that also…

this is what would happen:

Macrovision releases a DNA encryption scheme called SDNA (safe DNA) to protect your DNA from hackers.

then a week or two later this would happen:

slysoft just released a new program call RPClone (Real Person Clone) it sucessfully copies all copyrighted and copy protected DNA!

oh and if you dont have a 2 SHEEP replicator you would have to use emulation to create a copy of yourself.

so whats the use??:wink:

I think you have been hanging around this forum, or computers, a bit too long. :stuck_out_tongue:

DNA is a form of data storage and your genes are the data. This data/information could be used for other people’s benefit - the question here is whether you have a right to control of that use and for remuneration of any kind.

Essentially the answer in the UK is already no.
Although the new Human Tissue Act coming around in c2005 will make any unauthorised use of DNA in research illegal. However that will generally only apply to medical research, and there are no regulatory bodies to make sure it doesn’t happen in any other arenas such as academic or private business research.

I don’t think I have a right to the intellectual property that is my genes. I didn’t invent them. I also think no one else should be able to ‘copyright’ either. (gene domain squatting?)

All in all, Jango Fett had a good deal out of it.

uhh guys

why do we want to copy it…our bodies are full of it

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All in all, Jango Fett had a good deal out of it.

Exactly !
Imagine a world full of storm troopers with your face on it.

We have portrait-right , which give you the right , that people can’t publish your face on any freaking billboard in the world , but no law to protect yourself from being the basis of an army , experiment , new ebola virus , criminal investigation , or whatever.

Mind you ; the government still needs permission from you to take a DNA test.

There should be an international law , that nobody can mess around with your dna without your explicit approval.

On the other hand , this could become chaos in lawsuit-loving-countries , because you could sue someone for infecting you with a cold , and thus altering your DNA.

Tsjernobyl anyone ? :bigsmile:

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Nope, he didn’t ask me

'Cause he wasn’t looking for the Devil.


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[B]Stupid Question (maybe, i don’t know):

Do you pay to law-copyright something? [/B]

Yes you have to pay some money to the lawyer in order to copywrite anything.

A friend of mine paid 20 euros to copywrite his demo-CD with some songs and lyrics he wrote.