Can I copyprotect my DVD?



I want to produce some DVD’s showing a slideshow of old photos but don’t want someone to buy one and copy it for all his friends. Is there a DVD disk I can get that can be used as the ‘Master’ copy and it can’t be copied normally. Then all the ones I produce off it will be copy protected. :confused:

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Lets thinks about this. :confused:
If the MPAA can’t do it do you think anyone else can do it? :confused:


I know what you mean, but seeing that this idea was suggested to me by a person in a company that copies DVD’s I thought I’d ask because just about anything is possible these days even though it sounds impossible. Thanks


If you can it will be cracked :slight_smile:


There might be some software that can protect them, and it will deter the average to above average user, but not against everyone, especially a cd freak :wink:

I assume you will be doing this via PC, however, other means of protecting are possible, for example, on my Lite-on 5005 I can set a password to access the DVD, but even then, after 10,000 attempts of trial/error combinations it can be cracked via brute force of every single number between 0000 and 9999 - it is also somewhat more complicated because you would need to burn the initial copy on DVD, and then copy that onto a blank DVD in the Litey, because the Litey doesn’t do pictures in that manner.

Try the search for more protection software, this issue has been discussed several times before.