Can I copy streaming audio?

This site has unofficial concert audio which you can stream online.Although im happy to pay for these when available ,is it possable to copy them to hard drive now???

A Google Search may help give some good results:

Maybe some apps like Audacity can do it if you set the source right.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

Audacity works well - I use it a lot to record radio shows, then burn then and listen to them in the car (at a more convenient time for me :slight_smile: )
The best bit is that Audacity is free

Easy to use too - start the streamed audio with Audacity open after you have clicked the red record button - you will see if you have input as there will be a wave form.
As BK says, just make sure you have the input selected properly - if you have a microphone make sure it is not operating, as it is possible to record the audio, and background noises at the same time :wink:

When you have the wave form, you can export as a wav, and edit to give MP3 etc as needed. You can also edit to remove commercials / blank noise etc, and remove background noise fingerprints etc if needed.

You just need quite a lot of memory because it record as a wav file.

I have never tried using Audacity to rip streaming audio. Thanks for the info guys.

Total Recorder is my fave for capturing streaming audio. Depending on the server, I’ve captured stuff at 5 times normal speed (12 minutes to capture 1 hour).

Oly, I have a question about Total Recorder.

I found this site & forum when this thread came up on a google search for the same question I had about recording streaming audio.

I wanted to save a copy of some of the concert recordings at

I dl’d Audacity & it worked well to capture the recording and export as a .wav file. I was able to convert to mp3 in iTunes.

I like the idea of capturing 1 hour worth of music in 12 minutes, but as you say, this capability is dependent on the server. Do you know if there a way to capture concerts from wolfgangs vault faster then they play?

It seems impossible to me, if the file exists elsewhere & is there to be played, not downloaded… but I am admittedly a complete noob on this topic, as well as this site… so if there is a way to do this, it was worth registering here & asking what mnight be a dumb question.

i agree… audacity