Can I copy protect my own DVDs?

Is there any way to burn a DVD and make it with copy protection so other people wouldn’t be able to copy it?

Please answer ASAP, thanks!

IMO no. look at all the different types of copy protection on cd/dvd’s. They have all been breached.

Very good point and that is the answer to your question.
You are not the first to ask it and I am always wondering what is the main idea behind it.

Most of the people I have talked to that ask that question are selling bootlegs and are pissed off that people can copy their bootlegs so easy. :iagree:

Many reason but I think mostly if you are in the DVD authoring business for profit or semi profit, for example:

  • wedding ceremony
  • shooting kids concert.
  • etc
    One of the kids parent in my son school actually do this. He uses semipro camcorder and offer copies of DVD and/or CD to other parents who don’t have camcorder… around 10 bucks per piece. Imagine if there are 20 to 50 parents need that. Although parents usually honor his work but would be nice if there exist a nice and simple protection system for end users.

Thanks a lot for the information, guys.
Tigerman8u’s statement concerning the copy protection breach is still relevant.