Can I copy Halflife



Can i copy halflife english version with a hewlett packard 8100i.
If you can be explain how


I’ve copyed half life with a HP8100i

This is how I did it.
I used blindread to put the data on my harddisk and burned it back to a cd with adaptec.
Then when you install the game, you have to do a full install and use a crack to play it.

In case you wounder, I’ve also tryed nero but that didn’t work.


I did something similiar to Snowie. I used blindread to copy the the files to the hd. I then made an extra directory within the copied half life directories and placed the crack files and the upgrade files into the same directory. I then burned the files to cd. You will need to make sure you get the upgrade file from the Sierra website. It’s about 20megs. The crack you can get from Make sure the crack is for the same upgrade version.

Once you burn the cd, the cd will no longer run the auto menu. You will need to go to windows explore to run the setup.exe file.

Come to think about it. I don’t think I even needed to run the crack. After you do the full install, run the upgrade. I don’t think you’ll need to run the crack.


I forgot to say that I also copyed the crack to the cd, but when i’ve installed the game I have to use the crack.


What I did was to copy it with Nero and burned it to the hdd at 1X then copied it back at normal, and I did not have to have the crack to run the game. I have a Yamaha 4416E burner.

Just a thought

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