Can I copy GP4 game with plextor 24?



I am spanish.
I hace copied GP4, protected with safedisc 2.51, but it doesn't work. I have used the clony xxl and clone cd 4. The games with this protection have worked always, and if they didn't work, I activated the hide cdr media in the clonecd tray resolving the problem. I have a plextor 24 and a toshiba dvd reader sdm-1502. But with gp4 the same thing hasn't ocurred. I have to say that tha gp4 I copied isn't the original, but a "perfect" copy done with another writer, i don't knowh what writer was, but i played with the cd as the original included in my toshiba. Perhaps it is the reason why I can`t make the copy. Anybody has copied gp4 with the plextor24?


Try checking “Regenerate Data Sectors” in CloneCD.