Can I copy discs with key2audio protection with a lite-on 52246S

i have a lite-on 52246S and i have a audio disc protected by key2audio. i cannot play it. (yes i know it is becasue of the audio protection). so i use the key2audio settings in clonecd and make an image. then i burn the image using the key2audio settings in clonecd once again. i then put the disc i have just made into my hi-fi and it doesnt work but the original does. i have been trying 4 a good 2 weeks now. someplz help me. i will be very gratefull.

Rip the tracks with EAC.

Download EAC:

EAC setup guide (you can ignore the LAME mp3 instructions):

After ripping them (rip them to .wav files) simply burn them with Nero or another software that suppports pre-mastering.

isnt there any other way, because i want an 1:1 copy

i loaded the profile and used the lame mp3 encoder. i was feeling very happy, but then when i tried to rip the tracks it said eac couldnt detect a matching read command for this drive, try to turn on auto detection of the read command in the drive options dialogue.i then do this. but it gives me the same error message.plz help, i hope this happened to u and u figured out the soloution to this stupid problem. PLZ HELP

someone plz help me, no one has replied 4 asap

Are you absolutely sure your disk is protected with key2audio? The reason I ask is that I once had the same problem with my 52246S. Clony reported, Key2audio, but then I
downloaded Swiss scout easyscan, which reports Copy X. I never had the luck of ripping this disk with my 52246S. Eac came out with exactly the same error message as you get. Clonecd did make a useless image too. You could also examine the cover, if there is written something like edel on it; it’s most likely protected with Copy X. I can’t really help you to bypass this protection with your drive, but the plexies cut the tracks like butter.

thanks 4 helping me out. at least now i know that it is normal to experience this problem with this drive. one of the things that the cd says on it and the cover are copy controlled.

Well, did you actually find out about which kind of protection it is your dealing with?
According to this article, your drive is capable of dealing with key2audio.

I can’t remember If I ever did try to rip a key2audio protected disk with my litey, though.

Edel is not a copy protection, it’s just a name on a record company which often use the “copy x” Protection.

Do you have a CD-ROM drive on an old computer collecting dust somewhere? I managed to rip the tracks from a key2audio CD using a CD-ROM drive instead of a CD-RW one…

i have a ltr - 52327s which is similar to its predeceesor ltr 52246s and was able to successfully rip audio cd protected with key to audio.
try downloading the latest version of exact audio copy , and if u already have the latest ver. then u rip the audio tracks in secure mode to wav files ,
i.e got to “eac” in the menu in the top left of your eac screen {or press f10}
after that “drive options” ,
and in the drive options “extraction method”.
after ripping u can write the wave files to an audio cd with nero like chriso told.