Can i copy a dvd using clonedvd2 WITHOUT anydvd?

i recently dld the trial version of clonedvd 2 and it’s working great for burning the iso images i already have on my hd. but i can’t dl anydvd because i had used up the trial version before and now i can’t dl it unless i purchase it. is there another free program to break encryption and then burn w clonedvd 2? i have dvd shrink and dvd decrypter but have yet to find a way to use either w/ clonedvd.

CloneDVD does NOT decrypt. Use DVD Decrypter. It’s free. Rip all files using DVD Decrypter. Then use CloneDVD to analyse the VIDEO_TS folder on your hard drive.

I like Anydvd. I use it with CloneDVD2 and it has never given me problems.