Can i convince my player to read past a bad lead-in?

possibly a stupid question, but my gut says this would be possible:

if a -R disc has been burnt with a bad lead-in by a lite-on 812S, but the actual data is pretty much intact, is there a way to read this disc without endlessly ejecting and remounting until my pio 108 finally says the disc isn’t empty?

i’m currently reading such a disc at 10x, so the data must be fine, but it took over an hour to get it to actually start reading.

does a utility or whatever exist to allow the lead-in to be “skipped” somehow, or is this too difficult to do (and would require firmware hacks for every drive, etc)?

i have a few discs in a similar state, and i really don’t want to have to borrow my brother’s 812s to read the things back when i’ve got a perfectly good pioneer 108 here (1.18 FW).

i’m no expert, but I don’t think that’s possible. Certain standalones though do weird things. I’ve just basically ripped vobs before with out of whack .ifo’s when I was starting and some players would play the disc while others wouldn’t even load it.

In your case, taking that long to read is just a waste of time…if you can, just redo and reburn the project. That’s your best bet. I always rip the data off my disc first or test it before I delete the project on my hard drive, just in case there’s an issue.

hmm. well, unfortunately the issue in my case arose because i wasn’t aware that lite-on 812S sucks at -R. i’d borrowed somebody elses DVD burner to do a system backup, then given it back to them. when i got my pioneer 108 i found to my dismay that it couldn’t read the discs (these aren’t exactly top-shelf discs, but when they do read they read back at up to 10x, so i’m assuming the data is okay on them. i’ve kinda deduced that the lead-in is the problem as it seems the most likely).

i can’t re-do these projects, but i can always grab back the 812S (did that once, and discovered it takes an hour to read back some discs… grr).

i’ve backed up most of the discs i burnt on the 812S, but there’s some of the less critical ones that i didn’t bother with (and now i’m starting to miss data that’s on them… hehe)