Can I convert german dvd to us standard?



I want to copy a German DVD into a version that will play on my US dvd player. I’ve been able to watch the copy on my computer, but the disk is not even started on my dvd player. Can anydvd do this? Any help appreciated on what settings I need to change.



German is R2, America R1. If you backup with Anydvd running you will remove this with no problems.

But another thing is German is PAL. America is NTSC. AnyDVD obviously does not change the whole format of the movie.

It is most likely the region code stopping you though so try with a test backup first.



if your dvd player (standalone) is a ntsc then it will not play that as you would need one of these you could try dvdsanta but i doubt you will be satisfied with the results. plus it’s cheaper to get the standalone player.


The only applicable answer is NO.
Most players in the US are NTSC only.
The rest of the world has players that will play both formats (PAL and NTSC)


yes there is s/w (dvdsanta and others) out there that can convert pal to ntsc (it’s like an old japanese movie that they redubbed into english) and if you would of clicked on these in my above reply you would’ve been redirected to newegg to see the players available in the usa.


if you live in the states a cheap CyberHome CH-DVD 300 will play both formats
can get at ebay