Can I convert an ATI VCR to MPEG?

I’ve recently put together a system with an ATI All in Wonder graphics card that has Personal Video Recorder functionality. Before I had time to research and understand about file formats and burning DVDs, I needed to record a TV program. I used the One Step Recording feature which, I later learned, recorded in .vcr format, which is an ATI format that will only play on the included ATI file player, I think. I have since taken the time to setup future recordings as MPEG, but I would like to convert the first program from .vcr to mpeg if possible, so I can burn several programs to one DVD.

I am still on the front end of the learning curve, so I appreciate any and all advice.

I did a little googling, and it seems that somewhere in ATI Multimedia Center there is a feature to convert ATI VCR movies to MPEG1, 2 or 4.

You’re right on. If you open the media library and right click on the video file, there is an export to .mpeg option. However, my file was not listed, but I was able to drag and drop it into the media file, then the export function became available. When I tried to export, it appeared that all was going well until the progress indicator got to the end of the process, then it suddenly showed an error message that my hard drive didn’t have enough room. There is more than a 100G of free space on my hard drive and the settings on the PVR scheduler is set to allow as much space on the drive as needed to record, convert, etc.

Any ideas on why I keep getting the “out of hard disk space” error? It’s frustrating to be so close, but, yet, so far away from successly converting the file.