Can i control starting and ending frame?

Im using DVDFab to Backup my movies to DVD5 Disks, and usually i do a main movie only backup. But it seems to be missing a great feature that came with my previous favorite software DVD Shrink, that is the capacity to control exactly the starting and the ending frame of the movie. This is particulary usefull to increase the quality of the movie, sometimes up to 100% with no need to “shrink” the movie at all. So i usualy set the ending frame in the first part of the credits right after the displaying of the main staff of the movie, alowing me to save 8 to 15 minutes of movie that i do not need to backup.

Is there any good dvd movie backup software with this feature?

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You can still use DVD shrink. To be sure that it can work with latest titles, you only need to change the ripping method.

If you use ripit4me to rip first on HDD, you can obtain a compliant file that shrink is still able to manage, but only if you use also the step with fixvts (that is done automatically with ripit4me)

Nice but way to complicated geno888. Just rip it with dvdfab platinum on the dvd9 quality setting in main movie mode. This will rip it at full quality. Then open the files in shrink and do what you use too.

Thoes are good options. But, correct me if im wrong, that would take me a lot more time to backup a DVD than a software whith the start/end frame option integrated. I never thougt it was not possible, but is it practical/fast? So, can i conclude that there is no present software capable of doing what DVD Shrink did/does since a long time ago?
Since DVD Shrink isnt updated since a long time ago, means that is no match to present software in terms of quality/quickness?

Post that request in the [B]Read First[/B] New Features Request