Can I connect two routers together?



I have received router from my ISP can I use my old router connected to it for extra speed? Or extend the range? Will two routers double the download speed from the laptop to the ISP?


Two routers will not double your download rate or even upload rate. You can use the second router as a switch to add more ports (or as a wifi access point) for your current router (and network). Simply change the secondary router’s IP address subnet to reside outside of your network.

So if your current LAN IP range is: to Then your second router’s IP should be 192.168.X.1. Change X to be any number other than 1 (so as not to cause a conflict with your current router. Then simply disable/turn off the DCHP server on your second router (it’ll be using your first router’s DHCP as the primary. Reboot all your devices and you should be good to go.

If you want the second router to act as a AP (access point), simply follow the instructions above and leave the wifi on the second router on. I would change the SSID of the second router’s wifi so you can easily discern which router you are connecting to (helps with troubleshooting).


I think it would be nice to use it as a range extender. I’ve now turned off the DCHP on the second. But somehow it will need to pickup the signal of the first router and send it to my laptop.

My old router is a WRT54G and the new one is a Cisco EPC3925. Can I make the WRT connect to the Cisco wirelessy? I don’t see an option to do so…