Can I connect a jvc GR-SXM248 camcorder to a radeon 8500LE

Hi, I know it has been asked many times but i just want to know if I can connect my old jvc GR-SXM248 camcorder to my pc using my video card RADEON 8500LE?.
my camcorder has a plug that it looks like the one for a pc mouse, it has also two round plugs (one white and one yellow). which one can I use?.
If is not much trouble, any tutorial about this. or what program should I use to do the transfer?.
Amduron. win xp pro. 1300m. 1024mb.
thank you for your help and time

As far as I know, the 8500LE doesn’t have a video-in feature. The connector on the card you’re talking about, is a S-VHS OUTput. So it can only be used to connect a TV to your PC. If you want to transfer from the cam to your PC, you’ll need at least a VIVO videocard (Video In & Video Out) to capture the footage. Or you might wanna try a TV-card with Video-in feature.
Best results are given with “real” capture boards like pinnacle, canopus or matrox capture boards but they are (a lot) more expensive.

Ok, actually it was for something not too important.
so I better leave it like that, I can live without it anyway.
thank you for your explanation and help.