Can I change USB 1.0 to 2.0 in a laptop

without being a computer tech?

I have a Sony Vaio 1.533 GHz laptop and I’m pretty sure the USB is 1.0.

I want to use an external HD and if I want to avoid the necessity for an external power supply, it has to be through a USB 2.0.

So of course the question is first, can the USB be changed and if so, can I do it (and any idea of cost)?


you cant change the usb in a computer, but you can add a card of usb 2

here is a link for one:

with 4 slots of usb2

you can find cheaper I am sure

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If your computer doesn’t have USB2 (make sure of this), then your only option is a PCMCIA (aka PC-Card) like the one that’s been linked above.