Can I change my onboard USB 1.1 with a USB 2.0 somehow?



Hi everyone,

On my old Matsonic motherboard MS9007C, I have a USB 1.1 which is very slow.
Is there a chance that I change it with USB 2.0?

I heard something about getting a PCI card with USB 2.0, but I am not familiar with all the procedure and how to do it.

Can someone guide me how can I accomplish all of that by myself?




What you need is a PCI USB 2.0 card. What you heard is correct about buying a PCI card - there is no other way to do it other than to replace your motherboard or buy a new PC. I bought one of these PCI cards myself about 3 years ago and it’s very simple to install.

As long as you have an open PCI slot on your motherboard avialable, you should be fine. You will need to install the driver for it after installation. What is your OS?


Thanks for the fast reply Peaceout,

It doesn’t sound too complicated, and I think I could manage to do it by myself.
My OS is Win XP Pro SP1


Installing a PCI card is one of the most basic/ simple things you can do with your computer. Service Pack 1 should include the basic drivers for the USB card to be fully functional after installation. There might be a CD that comes w/ the PCI card - if XP detects the card properly, you won’t need to use the drivers on the CD.

After you’ve inserted the card and boot up the PC, Windows should detect it right away. It will say something like “found new hardware”… look for an icon in your systray (lower right hand corner) that says USB Root Hub. Alternatively, you can look in the device manager to see that the card has been installed properly.

Here are some links on installing a PCI card.



Yes, it’s simple. But avoid USB cards with Ali chipset, try to get one with NEC chip (these are the most compatible ones).

My OS is Win XP Pro SP1
Install SP2, as there are also some USB quirks fixed.