Can I change a wave file?



I’m very hard of hearing (almost deaf) and I need to change the sound DVDFab makes when it’s waiting to put in media after copying. Even with the volume turned way up, I can’t hear the default sound.

I was able to find the .wav file for success, when the copy has been made, and put in a loud buzzer sound in its place, but I can’t find a .wav file in the DVDFab9 folder for the repeated ‘bonk’ it plays when telling you it writable wants media inserted.

I tried a small app called Sound Associations that lets you add sounds for almost any program, but it doesn’t change the sound I need to deal with in DVDFab.

Has anyone found a way to change that sound?


I would PM member signals if he doesn’t reply to this thread.
If anyone knows he probably would.


Not sure it’s a WAV. I will check on it when the office reopens Monday.


Going directly to DVDFab, I got this reply:

You can not set the notify repeating sound on DVDFab.

We express our sincere sorry for inconvenience brought to you.

Any questions in future, please feel free to contact us.

Sincerely yours,
DVDFab Service Team

Sadly, it seems that this is not configurable.


Thanks for informing us joelrosado .

Now my question for DVDFab Service Team .
[B]Maybe signals can find out.[/B]

Why Is this sound hidden ?
The error.wav & succ.wav are in the Program Files/DVDFab main folder.
At least in the last version of 8QT .
I tested subbing a different .wav file for the succ.wav & it works fine.

I see no reason why a changeable sound for the “Waiting” can’t be added to the list in a new version of DVDFab. Meaning a new dropdown addition to
[B]“Common Settings” / “Sound”[/B]. With a changeable .wav in the same location as the other two. I understand why it won’t be added to an older version but not a new one. This seems to be a simple [B]Customer request[/B] to add.
There are a lot of [B]hearing impaired[/B] customers that would like this option.

My hearing is OK & I usually change the sounds anyway to ones I can hear in another part of the house & that are some longer . One of the ones I use is part of the William Tell Overture from the Lone Ranger TV series . If the audio is turned up it will get your attention. Mine is 138KB instead of the default 36KB one but seems to work fine. It is the one I use for the “succ.wav” .


I replied to the DVDFab service team, asking them to include this sound as a .wav file in the future.

Yes, I was able to configure that sound in 8 and earlier versions of 9: a loud buzzer that even I could hear across the room.


[QUOTE=joelrosado;2756556] I was able to configure that sound in 8 and earlier versions of 9: a loud buzzer that even I could hear across the room.[/QUOTE]

The Waiting sound isn’t configurable in v 8 .
Only the error & success sounds .

I’ve never installed a v 9 .
(& I have a lifetime platinum license).
So I don’t know what Sound settings it has for sure .


Actually, one can change some of the other sounds in 8, and until recently in 9. A free program, [I]Sound Associations[/I], gives the ability to add or change sounds to almost any application in Windows. Once it is active (no installation, just an exe and dll files), one chooses the application in which sounds are wanted and then goes to Control Panel to Sounds, and from there wav, midi and other formats can be made to play for chosen functions.

(I play a sound bite from [I]The Young Frankenstein[/I], “I told you never to interrupt me while I’m working !” when Windows pops up with unneeded ‘warnings’.)


BTW, I still use 8 on an XP laptop that doesn’t want to work with QT. I only recently started using 9 on my new desktop. I still like the look and feel of 8 better than 9.


Your post made me think of this.
Do you suppose that DVDFab uses one of “Windows Sounds” for Waiting ?

I also have 8QT on XP Pro on one of the harddrives on my desktop.
I know it used to work. I have to reboot to boot into the XP OS . Then I would need to test rip a DVD. I only use XP once in a while but like to keep it around just in case.


I tried all the Windows sounds that I could associate with DVDFab, but none of them worked for the ‘waiting for writable media’ sound. It’s possible that there’s a call in DVDFab’s code for a sound that’s in a dll that I haven’t found, but until there’s a change in the code, I doubt I’ll be able to modify it.

You’d think if they have a .wav file for [I]error[/I] and [I]success[/I] (which a user can modify), that they’d also have one for the [I]waiting for media[/I] sound. That’s the one many people depend on if they leave the computer to do other things while DVDFab is progressing.


If it turns out that DVDFab calls a file to produce the sound, even if you can’t configure it directly from within the program you could always replace the actual sound file with one of your choice.

As long as it’s the same name and in the appropriate location DVDFab won’t notice the difference.



[QUOTE=Wombler;2756590]If it turns out that DVDFab calls a file to produce the sound, even if you can’t configure it directly from within the program you could always replace the actual sound file with one of your choice.

As long as it’s the same name and in the appropriate location DVDFab won’t notice the difference.


Hi Wombler , The problem is neither joelrosado nor I know where the “Waiting” sound file is located.
It is [B]not[/B] one of the files located in the DVDFab Program Files folder . Or if it is it’s hidden in some way with no audio file extension I recognize.


Alas, Wombler, finding the call is the catch. I looked through the code, admittedly not exactingly, and could not find it.

If you have the time and energy to find that call, I’d be very grateful for your input.

And thank you Cholla, you said it faster and better than I did.


@ joelrosado , Success for me . I went hunting with my ears to identify the sound in Windows sounds .
Some stats :
My OS is Windows 7 HP SP1.
The version of DVDFab I’m using is the last version 8 Qt ( .

The audio file DVDFab uses for it’s wait is located here on my OS:
C:\Windows\Media\Windows Exclamation.wav
This is a Windows Default sound .

I created a new folder in C:\Windows\Media\ named “Defaultold”.
I then used Properties/Security/Advanced Permissions
Auditing Owner Effective Permissions
& took ownership of all these as administrators of the Windows Exclamation.wav. This is necessary to move it to the Defaultold folder.

I then copied & pasted in a .wav I wanted to make the "Waiting " sound in DVDFab.
I renamed it: Windows Exclamation.wav

The last thing I need to do was enable it as a Windows Sound.
I usually keep Windows Sounds disabled . So I chose & applied Windows Default in Windows Sounds at first then tested. I had the .wav file I had substituted play in DVDFab “Waiting”.
I then went back to my usual setting in Windows Sounds :No Sounds (modified).
I went down the list to: Exclamation selected it & Applied. This way it works with most of the other Windows Sounds disabled.

If you don’t know how to access Windows Sounds : Right click on the Speaker icon in the systray . Select “Sounds” .

I hope this will work for you on V 9


Well done Cholla! :clap:

That’s exactly what I meant earlier. :iagree:



@ Wombler , After I posted I decided I would just hunt & listen to Windows Sounds.
Just in case that’s where DVDFab was getting this sound .
Then Windows didn’t want me to move it’s sound file .
Treated it almost like a System file. Fortunately I’ve been changing Permissions since Vista . So just a pita. Because I wanted to keep the old Windows sound in case I wanted to put it back.
Kind of odd DVDFab has a Sound setting that lets the “Error” & “Success” sounds be changed by the GUI but not the “Waiting” sound . For that one their programmers decide to use a Windows Sound.

@ joelrosado , Did this work for DVDFab version 9 ?


As I said in my earlier posts, I have been able to modify the sound in DVDFab 8 using [I]Sound Associations[/I] for the past few years. It’s 9 that is giving me the problem.

I’m going to try to see if Cholla’s fix, renaming the default Windows ‘Exclamation’ sound, will fix it in 9. (Windows 8.1, with it’s TrustInstaller owning the files in the Media folder, is much more difficult about taking ownership of a file to modify or delete it.)


Maybe Windows 8.1 is harder but This is the way Windows 7 HP is & I think it is very similar.
If there is a major difference in changing these please post it.
I would like to know.

This is an unmodified Sound file Permissions:

This is a modified Sound file Permissions:

Note both have “Trusted Installer” with Full Control.
The original has Administrators with only “Read & execute” .
The modified has Administrators with Full Control .

This is the Auditing tab of the original:

This is the Auditing tab of the modified:

Note Administrators has been added with Full Control.

This is the Owner tab of the original:

This is the Owner tab of the modified:

Note the change of the “Current owner” .


This is how I changed the Security on the Windows Exclamation.wav .

First right click the file & select “Properties” .
Then the “Security” tab. “Advanced”.
Go to the “Owner” tab “Edit” button.
Change to “Administrators” .
“Apply” , “OK” & “OK” & “OK” again .
This should close the properties .

Open Properties/Security/Advanced again :
Edit again then Add/Advanced/Find Now/ select Administrators then “OK”.
Check all the boxes in “Successful” . Then “OK”. “Apply”. “OK” & “OK” & “OK” .
This should close the properties .

Open Properties/Security/Advanced again :
Permissions tab / Change Permissions /
Highlight Administrators & Select “Edit”.
Check all “Allow” boxes & OK .
“Apply” . “Yes” to the Windows Security message.
“OK” & “OK” & “OK” again .
This should close the properties .

That’s the procedure I use & I’m able to relocate the original file.
I had no problem just copy & pasting the .wav file I wanted to use in the folder .
Then I right clicked on it & “Rename” it.
I didn’t try to set any more Security on the new file.
I doubt anyone will bother it .