Can I capture video off of home made DVD's using Nero?

Hi My name is Ray, and I have a very basic question.
I have an old Sony Camcorder, bought in 1998. I have since copied my tapes onto a DVD. Question is: Can I capture video off of those DVD’s using Nero ???

Welcome to the forum Ray.

The answer is probably yes.

It depends what format they’re in though. So how and in what format did you save them?

On the dvd I saw a folder called video_ts, and insidde the folder can be found the following:

as a sample

and so on.

Change you Explorer folder settings to view the file extensions.

This appears to be standard DVD movie format so you should be able to work on them OK.

What do you want to do with them now in Nero?

You can’t actually Capture, or at least should not, as capture is a term generally referred to when you are capturing a tv broadcast, capturing vhs to dvd, or transferring from a video camera to pc.

You can copy, edit, and re-encode the files on your dvd’s. If you just want to copy them, you can do that with no quality loss. If you want to edit the vob files, and add menu’s, you will have a very slight quality loss. If you want to demux the vobs back into avi files so you can do frame accurate editing, and run filters against them to clean them up, you will have some quality loss, depending on what processes you use.

So, everything pretty much depends on the specifics of exactly what you want to accomplish, and why.