Can I bypass bad sector with DVDDecrypter?

I have a DVD I’m trying to rip and burn and my Benq keeps stopping in the rip process with DVDDecrypter at a certain point in one of the VOB files. I’ve tried numerous rippers–still haven’t got VOB Blanker to work, and it hangs up saying unrecovered read error. My setup player hangs a little when playing it, but just moves thru it and continues. The DVD is not mine so I can’t return it, I assume it is bad although it doesn’t look that bad. Is there any way in DVDDecrypter to just bypass that bad spot and continue ripping?? I realize I may miss a few seconds of the episode, but at least I can use the DVD. It tells me the sector is 1993328 so I know where it is located. Anyway around this or am I hosed??

Also not that happy with my BenQ in reading this disk. It also freezes when playing that part on PowerDVD6. Won’t burn thru it like my setup player, just freezes. Is this not a very good reader or show I RMA it, ZipZoom says I have until Feb 5 to decide?? Are there other burners that would read better, I know my brothers Sony 510 ripped it. Just want some opinions!!

I would not blame your Benq, it is one of the better quality readers out there. What you have is probably a real error in the disc; they pop up from time to time. If you have no other drives to try, you could try and rip just the movie and hope the error is in one of the extras. I have read in the past of ways to skip over a specific section of of the disc but it was never clear. Hopefully others will know more than I. Try searching for Lara Croft Tombraider ( the sequal just released), as I seem to remember that this trick was used to get past an error that lots of these discs exhibited. Someone over at had it figured out.

You can polish out the defect(s) if they are not too deep on the read side of the DVD.

Thanks for the replies.

chas0039–unfortunately I know where the bad sectors are and they are right smack in the middle of episode 2 on the disk!!

furballi–can you please explain the “best” way to clean or polish a DVD. It isn’t mine and I don’t want to risk making it worse!!

People have used toothpaste and water. I use Meguiar’s Deep Crystal Deep Gloss Polish for auto painted surfaces. It is oil-based…act as a lubricant when polishing. I use bathroom tissue to rub the affected area in the RADIAL DIRECTION! DO NOT RUB in a circular motion around the disc.

Keep the area moist and change the tissue often. Use clean tissue to wipe clean the repair area.

You can instruct Decrypter to skip read errors (there are 2 spots in the settings), but since you are making a copy of a disc which you don’t own, then that’s all the help you get!

I can recommend the Durable Copy software to bypass bad sectors.

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