Can i burn with only an .avi .idx & .sub?

Hey there,

I have a Japanese movie (.avi) plus what I believe are English subtitles (.sub) as well as a .idx file (whose purpose I don’t know).

Can I burn a disc (vcd/dvd) with these files (with subtitles) or only watch it on my PC?



Any ideas?

I’m not sure about the subtitles but you can convert the video to a sutable format and author a dvd, svcd or vcd that will play on a normal dvd player. There are all in one converters that basically let you add video files, create menus etc. and basically create a finished dvd from one program. You can also use several programs and do each step yourself (its harder and requires more knoledge but results are suposed to be beter in some cases).
Here are some of the all in one programs.
here are some guides
and here are some more

I would just about guarentee that you can convert and add the subtitles but I have never done it before so I could not tell you how. You might want to check out some of the all in one converters and see if they mention subtitles. I mostly use nero vision and I can tell you that it cannot do subtitles but some of the other might. If not, you may have to do it the hard way to get subtitles.
In short to answer your question, yes you can make a dvd, svcd or vcd from an avi but it will take conversion and authoring (conversion only converts the file format, authoring creates the aditional support files for dvd format (including menus and such). Read through some of the guides.

Thanks ripit, I’ll do some further investigation!

Sorry I couldn’t give you specific instuctions but I have never worked with subtitles with a conversion. If you have anymore questions just post. I’m sure if it is out of my league others will answer but those guides and tools I linked to should put you on the right track.