Can i burn two of these 30 minute dvds into a large (normal one) whole dvd



Hello to you all!!

I am new here and i have a question which will look stupid for you :confused: I have a handycam which records on small dvds. My question is- Can i burn two of these 30 minute dvds into a large (normal one) whole dvd, and have the title screen showing all the chapters etc etc. The whole idea is that i take footages from drag racing and i maybe take 15 minutes at each event. So now im ending up with million of 4.7GB DVDs(large ones) just with 15minutes on them. I would like to do a whole dvd with all the footage gathered in one. Is this possible??


Yes it is possible.
You need burning software. If you bought DVD burner for your computer it usualy come with some kind of software.
Just copy 15 min DVDs to hard drive import them to you burning software and make DVD.
If you want to edit your project, some basic editing functions should be in your software already so you can make menus and chapters. Most of the time the software which come with the burner is stripped down version of the real think so you may have to purchase full version.
If you have NERO or ROXIO they all have basic editing functions to make DVD.
If not check the web, there is lots of it around.


i have nero as burning software(it came with the pc). So i should find edit or something in the software? thanks for the prompt answer.


Hi fez
If Nero came with your PC it most likely is stripped down version and there will be lot missing. Look if you find Nero Vision, that should be what you are looking for.
There are guides on there web site for each Nero application.


cheers mate you were of great help :bow: i have ordered the nero7 with all the things with it. I hope it will be straight forward to use!!! Thanks again