Can I Burn The Sims House Party (CD) Onto A Dvd+rw Using Alcohol 120%



[b]hey My Names Mat And Im Wondering If I Would Be Able To Burn The Sims House Party (which Is On A Cd) Onto A Dvd+rw Using Alcohol 120%


Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee Help




If you are wanting to burn to a DVD+RW and play it from the disc, I’m not sure that’s going to work, unless you create a backup image of the full disc and then run the image from a virtual drive. Why not just burn to a CD-R or CD-RW? And is this a PC game?

Somebody will probably be able to chime in with more specifics if there is a particular copyright protection to get past with this game, I don’t have much knowledge about copyright protection for these games.


What is the idea behind that??? :rolleyes:


arg… dont cross post… its really annoying… and against forum rules… you have made 3 posts about the same game… grrrr… dont do that, make 1 thread and wait for people to reply