Can i burn the SD2.80.010 image file with no sheep burner?

help please ^^;

Try AWS, but I would be doubtful that would work. I think burning with emulation can do it.

Tried with Alcohol120% Safedisc2 datatype and game was burn perfectly
but when i install and try to play, the game says “Plz insert correct cd”

Did you try my suggestion with CloneCD? I don’t know alcohol nor have I ever used it, and since this is a CloneCD forum I think more people that post here lean towards CloneCD.

yes, it give me the same problem with both AWS, EMU and Alhocol

-1- Start Daemon Tools with safedisc emulation
-2- Run the Game (original)
-3- Exit the Game
-4- Start your dumping engine(alcohol, clonecd, Blindread) () (**)
) I advise Alcohol where you can use safedisc 2 profile and seems to work better than clonecd for safedisc 2.8
-5- Burn your image
-6- Each time you need to play select safedisc emulation in Daemon and launch your backup

(**) This is call fastdump method because all the unreadable sectors should be read in a few seconds .

This method works with 0 sheep burners .

Don’t forget that some safedisc game require to play from the cd used during the game installation .

Have Fun


Unfortunately, seems like emulation is the only legal way to go. OliverFromFrance gave you the way to do it.