Can I burn slower than 4x with my sony 52x burner?

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I have a tiny problem with my sony burner (model: CRX230E). i’ve recently found out that my burner cannot record cd at a speed slower than 4x. I’ve also read through the spec of my cd burner and it shows that 4x is the slowest speed the burner could get. But is there anyway i could force it to burn slower? Cos i like to make some backup disk for my playstation games?

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nope. Don’t think u can burn slower than 4x without getting a knowledgeable person to hack the firmware. But to be honest, use good discs and that ‘greater than 1x increases loading time’ doesn’t really apply. Taiyo yudens are top notch and verbatims score very well.

thx for your info.!

It depends on the software.

CloneCD for example has such extensive control over hardware you cna burn at just about any selected speed.
Nero, I noticed on my 52x burner starts to give me options at 4x and goes up.
Fireburner gives me options below 4x as well.

for more recent burners, the slowest recording speeds usually aren’t an option. the CRX230E only allows 4x as the lowest cd burning speed. other programs might allow you to choose 1x or 2x, but they’ll be overriden by the drive and will actually burn at 4x.

Agreed. I think its best to stick to my CloneCD and FireBurner suggestions because I timed them and they actually lower the speed to what you want. I think others that visually show lower than 4x may not write lower, such as WinOnCD, they still default to 4x.

Nero 5.5 won’t let me burn any slower than 4x.

On these newer drives and media, the errors may not be less at such slow speeds, and in some cases go up.