Can i burn slower on slower speeds?

Why has Nero “assumed” that the general consensus only want speed, and are not interested in error free or quality? I have an 8 speed burner! Why cos it’s nice to have that option for the right circumstance.
Why does Nero not allow u to burn at slower speeds? My question is, is there a way of reducing the speed options aswell as having a fast option?
They say rule of thumb that u should burn at half the recommended speed which is x8. The slowest i can burn at is 6

This gives me the shits!

General consensus here is to burn at the rated media speed except maybe for 16x media where 12x may work best.
If you’re trying to burn 16x media on an 8x burner then 8x is the speed to use, likewise for most 8x media.

Ok, so burning at 1x or 2x wont make a better burn?

Correct. In all probability if you could burn that slow it would be terrible.