Can I burn one of the latest PS2 game with Alcohol that work?

Can I burn one of the latest PS2 game with Alcohol 120% that will work on my PS2???

The latest PSX2 games are in DVD format and CSS protected. Alcohol 120% doesn’t does DeCSS (due to legal issues), so it can’t backup CSS protected DVD titles. However, you can decrypt the DVD using DVD Decrypter and save an unencrypted ISO image, and then burn it to DVD-R(W)/+R(W)/RAM using Alcohol 120%. But I think the current PSX2 doesn’t recognizes DVD recordable media.

As far as I know, CSS is only used on DVD Movies. PS2 games use the usual Sony boot protection. Alcohol will probably back them up fine, but you will need a modchip to use your backups.


Please check this FAQ

I’ve copied over 50 PS2 dvds with DiscJuggler and have never had the need for DeCSS.


I agree with MLS there is no css on ps2 games the faq is wrong

It would very surprising indeed if Sony (ps2) were paying Macrovision licence fees to use CSS. If Sony wanted a protection in addition to the standard boot protection, you’d think that they would develop their own. It’s not as if Sony doesn’t have the expertise in that area.

I have a cute little program that says “nothing to do!” on my PS2 discs.