Can I burn .mpg files to DVD with menus..?

July 29, 2006


As an old retired guy (boy it is great) who has completed transferring most of his very vintage vinyl music albums to CDs and who is now undertaking the transfer of the family VHS movies to DVD, I joined the club as a resource of answers to questions that may arise.

So far since the weather here in St. Louis, Missouri, US, has been it’s normal self, (uncomfortably hot & humid) I have been spending the time inside working on my new project.

Recently with the help of suggestions the club forum and personel friends, I fixed a problem that I was having while trying to burn avi files from a newly installed Seagate 250GB HD to a newly installed Plextor 760A DVD burner. After I applied a BIOS upgrade, the problem was solved.

Now, I am trying to deal with some old VHS tapes and dropped frames while doing the video capture. Turning off unused background apps, Norton, etc. cleaning the VCR heads, it’s trial by error but it’s getting better.

By the way, I am using an older release of Pinnacle Studio (V 7) and a DC10 Plus capture board which I purchased back when I had the first incarnation of my PC built.

But, that issue is not an issue with our newer VHS tapes, so I will just have to deal with it.

But, I do have a question and I don’t know which club “forum” to post it to. If someone could offer some guidance, I would be appreciative.

The question is, is there a way to burn a DVD with a variety of separate mpg files (created by my Pinnacle software) AND a menu so that the separate mpg files can be selected and played one by one. Sort of like selecting Folders of jpg files from a CD?

On a test burn of several avi files, my OPPO DVD player played them ok, but played them one after another without pausing between them. I would like to have a menu in order to select a specific family movie from the DVD.

Hi Ken, welcome :slight_smile:

If you create a thread here in the Newbie Forum, that should be just fine (or the Video Edit Software Forum, either would be fine - just don’t post the same question to both, hehe) :slight_smile:

Well, I’ve got Roxio Easy Media Creator 7, and its DVD builder seems to give you a title menu by default, and also by default, it’s set not to play the titles one after the other (although you do have the option to have it do so). I haven’t played with it a lot, because until last night (when I learned how to bitset my burner so that the DVDs I create will play on the Xbox) I didn’t have much reason to make DVDs, but from what I can tell, it seems to be pretty easy to use.

FWIW, the videos I used for my test DVD were MPEGs, but I assume AVIs should work fine, as well.


Thanks for the idea. Since Roxio was included in the Plextor DVD burner package, I installed it and tried it. For some reason, when I try to select the mpg files that I created with Pinnacle, little Red Xs are superimpsoed on the file icons and I can not get them into Roxio.

It did allow me to select a small mpg file that I had made with my Cannon camera, but not the mpg’s made by Pinnacle.

Anyone have any ideas why this is happening?

My only guess is that the ones created with Pinnacle are a different MPEG format than the ones from your camera, but I couldn’t really tell you any more than that, because aside from knowing that there are different MPEG formats, I know nothing about different MPEG formats…

Not much help, I know, but maybe I’ve at least pointed you in the right direction?


I suspect that you are right on. I create the video files in MPG-2. I would bet that Roxio only handles MPG-1 format.

Thanks for the led.


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I use Svcd2dvd to convert mpgs to dvd. You can create a menu and it’s very fast. It’s not free so i’d try the demo to see if it meets your needs. If you want something free look at GUI for dvdauthor. I’ve played with it somewhat, but after using Svcd2dvd i found no need to go back.