Can I burn iso to dvd-rw media?

I have a 540Mb file I just downloaded from M$, an evaluation server 2003 iso. I know I can use my NEC2500 to burn it to cd-rw, but I am wondering if I can burn it to a dvd-rw.

So far I have only verified the drive burns by backing up some DivX/mpeg movies to DVD-RW.

Can I burn iso to dvd-rw media?

Yes, you can burn an .iso file to DVD±RW although I don’t know why you’d want to if the file is only 540MB. Any CD-R or CD-RW should easily hold a 540MB ISO.

I have had iso in the past that were too big to fit on CD-RW, so this is just for test purposes.

Nero said it was the wrong disk type. I also had trouble with the convert to vcd feature of Nero 6.