Can i burn game cube games

  1. PS2’s don’t have broadband adapters built in, at least not until the slimline ones came out.

  2. To backup PS2 games, just … back them up. In your PC. Of course you still need a MOD chip to play. :slight_smile:

I hate consoles, so I’m just asking out of curiosity, but… why is there a need for a modchip to play a copied PS2 DVD? I mean, isn’t it supposed to be a perfect bit-by-bit copy of the original? How does the console know it isn’t?

Because Sony, in their infinite wisdom, put some identifying information on a part of the DVD/CD that isn’t normally burnable. It’s out-of-spec, but their laser can read it… and nobody can burn it because burners don’t DO that (people surmise that it’s on the inner ring). The MOD chip convinces your PS2 that it HAS seen the identifying information even when it hasn’t.