Can I Burn DVD's Using CD-RW Drive?

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I have an LG DVD-ROM DRD8120B DVD drive which I use to play my DVD’s on and a TEAC CD-W54E CD-RW drive which I burn my back-up CD’s on.

Now, my question is: can I use my CD-RW drive to burn playable DVD disks on??

I use InterVideo WinDVD and/or CyberLink PowerDVD to play my DVD’s and also have the following progs installed for burning CD’s: Ahead Nero and CDRWIN 5. I also have DVD Decrypter, DVD Genie, DVD Region+CSS Free (Trial Copy), DVD Shrink 3.2 and DVDx installed.

Can anyone please advise if it is possible to make back-up copies of DVD’s using my drives and installed software??


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you can burn movies, but you must convert them to VCD SVCD, you can’t burn DVD media on your drive.

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I use DVD Decrypt to decode and transfer movie to my hard drive - will there be any problems in copying movies to hard drive and then burning them from there, as opposed to doing a straight ‘on-the-fly’ burn/copy of a disk?



An afterthought to Dee-27’s advice about not being able to burn DVD media on my drive… When converting to VCD or SVCD and then burning - Do I use DVD-R disks to burn to??

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no CDR
Nero recode may be your answer to converting, its part of Nero Burning Rom

Does this mean that my 2 hour movie (and extra features) will then be split onto more than one CD-R, Dee-27?

My version of Nero is ahead - will this do the job, or do I need to upgrade?



You need NERO 6.3 to use recode, you will get 80 mins of video on a 80 min CDR. If your DVD player can handle MPG4 streams (divx) then you can fit it all on one disc. NERO 6.3 also includes a player to view MPG4 streams.