Can i burn DVD's @ 1x with my NEC2500A?

Hi folks, i got a little problem and i was wondering if you could help me out. I’m the proud owner of a NEC 2500A, which has served my flawlessly until now. It’s not that it has broken down or anything, but i’m in a little bit of a jam. The thing is i got a hold of some XBOX DVD images and i wanted to burn them on some DVD’s so i that i can use them with my XBOX.

But from what i’ve read on various sites, in order to work, the images need to be burned on a -R DVD @ 1x speed … and my NEC 2500A doesn’t seem to be able to write at that speed :eek: … only 2x and up … so as you can imagine i’m a little bit frustrated because i have all those games on my HDD and i can’t use them, because they can’t be burned at the correct speed …

So, any ideas? Can i even overcome this problem, or do i need a 1x-4x burner? Maybe a firmware flash or something for my NEC (Herrie, you should know a little more about this eh? :bow: )

i think iso’ll work also when burned 2/4/6/8x

Nope, if you burn them @ 2x the XBOX reads them at first, but you’ll get errors during the game, so they won’t actually be playable …

i have no problem with an xbox with samsung dvd-rom drive

Let me venture a wild guess: you changed the default DVD Rom on your XBOX with the Samsung …

So, anyone?

The drive is definitely not capable of 1x burning - and never will be.

If the discs which have been burned @2x cause reading problems in your XBox, I would try high quality media, like Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden.

I’ve had Xboxes with both Thomson and Samsung drives, and I’ve burned Xbox DVDs at 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x DVD-R and 2.4x, 4x, and 8x DVD+R (using -ROM type for +R), and they’ve all worked fine for me - it really depends on the quality of media you’re using. Perhaps back in the day when there were only 2x burners, there may have been a problem with some discs, but anyone telling you that you can only burn at 1x without errors is warped in the head (or perhaps misinformed) :slight_smile: Moral of the story, don’t worry… :slight_smile:

K, thanks … not quite the answer i wanted to hear, but at least it’s something

Read my above post. Also, some newer Xboxes come with a Samsung drive (different drive than the hack Samsung drive - hack is 616T, the Xbox one is SDG-605 - I think), but in any event all my 4x burns on my old 1300A worked fine when I had my original Thomson drive in my first Xbox…

nope samsung is the best dvd rom that is included with an xbox

you may want to spend some time here

no. the samsung is the original drive. i changed the hd only.

Do go to the forums; I think you’ve been reading a lot of FAQs and sites that are quite out of date, and that’s probably why you’re wary of burning at higher at 1x, and really shouldn’t be…

I’ve burned some RITEKG04 @ 8x and they work fine. I’ve played games on them for hours and never experienced any lockups. I have a Thompson drive too, which should tell you something.