Can i burn DL on lg gsa 4082b?

hi. Is it possible with lg gsa 4082b to burn a DL(doublelayer) dvd?I’ve heard about a firmware that can do this.What if i eject and reinsert the dvd on the other side???" 2more questions:how can i determine the firmware i got now?Which is the last and betterfirmware??? is it possible buy a dvd ram or dl that is also rewritable???

Ha Ha Ha!

I hope most of this is a joke! Double Layer discs have one side so flipping the disc will not work! Most burning programs list the firmware version at the end of the drive description.

And lastly all DVD-Ram discs are re-writable , but no DL re-writable as yet!

If this wasn’t a joke then please forgive me and next time do some more reading before posting :slight_smile:

And make more efforts to make your post more readable since not all of us are good at reading roughly written English. (I personally have problems reading posts starting with small letters and containing no space between sentences.)

For what your drive can do and cannot do, please read official specifications first.

the fact is that i’ve heard about a new firmware (was written on a pc magazine)that allow burn dvd DL also with a writer that isnt supported for DL

anyway here is

You don’t have a Sony/LiteOn or NEC drive. The only LG drives supporting DL are the 12X and 16X models and the firmwares cannot be back flashed onto the 4082B.

To burn DL you will need to buy a new drive.

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