Can I burn bin/cue to DVD?

Hey all…I consider myself quite new to DVD burning
just got myself a new LG burner and would like to burn off some torrent movies that I have downloaded and some are in Bin/Cue format,is there anyways I can burn those to watch on my home dvd player?
I have no trouble with the avi’s.
I formatted one of these to ISO too but don’t know what to do with that neither?

any help would be appreceiated

You can use ImgBurn for the ISO file.

A bin/cue format is most likely VCD or SVCD and really should be burned to a CD , not a DVD. Even if you succeed in doing it to a DVD I’d expect your player NOT to recognise it.

So by burning ISO’s with that progam I can then play it in a dvd player?

I formatted a couple ISO’s from Bin/Cue’s using Magic iso

With those burnt to CD what will they play on?or just good on a pc I assume?

Is there a good tutorial out there somewhere of what movie files can be burnt to what format/CD/DVD?

Ask those who created that images you have downloaded!! :cop:

you can convert the bin to iso with is program!zip

But will a movie converted to ISO then Burned on a DVD play in a DVD player thou?

I have converted ISOs with VCDGear and then burned them to discs with Nero 7 - Nero Vision using DVD-R and have had no problems watching them on my standalone player.

VCD/SVCD should play fine on most standalone DVD players. You might want to look at the manual for it and double check, though. :slight_smile:

yes, if burned with dvddecrypet/imgburn

of you can extract the iso with winiso then burn with nero/clonedvd etc

Great thnx for the help every1 =)

now I have another question,don’t wanna start another topic for it…

When burning my DVD’s,lately I have been making chapters in my movies then when I go to burn it says more of it is in “Pal” format then “NSTC” and asks what format to do?like to have some advise on this pls and thank you
The last few I burnt worked and I kept them as NSTC,and I couple didn’t work so I’m assuming I may of put them as Pal…would that be right?

Pal = Uk

Ntsc = Us

Thank you for the verification :slight_smile:

You can easily convert between pal and ntsc by using TMPGEnc…

Hey, like its been mentioned in previous posts your ??.bin and ??.cue file are more than likely Video CDs (VCD) or Super Video Cds (SVCD) which should be written to a CD not dvd. They will more than likely play in your DVD Player even my old Dvd Player played them. However they could be a dvd movie the easy way to find out is to look at the file size of your ??.bin file if its around 700-800MB write it to CD if its more than that like 1GB-4.7GB write it to DVD.
Use Alchol 120% to write it to cd. if you need to write it to Dvd follow the links in the previous posts to convert it to an ??.iso file then use Nero or Dvd Decrypter (Freeware) To burn it off!! Hope this helps.

Here’s the way i do it. I use VCDGear to convert the bin file to a mpeg format. Then I use ConvertXtoDVD to convert to dvd format and then I burn that with Nero 7 lite to a DVD and it plays fine on my dvd players. 3 easy steps is all it takes to do this.
You can use any video converter program You like as long as it handles mpeg file formats. I just like to use ConvertXtoDVD.
Hope this helps.