Can I burn an ISO meant for a Blu ray disc to DVD+R?



I found something yesterday, but didn’t save the link. It said that as long as my iso was smaller than 4.5 GB, I could burn it to a regular DVD and playback as blu-ray in a blu-ray player. I think it said I had to use certain features in Nero 9. I’ve googled all over and can’t find anything on this. I don’t need to go through all the hassle of trying to copy a Blu ray disc, which was the result of my googling. I can create the iso and there is also a .m2ts file.

I tried burning the iso with both ImgBurn and Nero 9. I don’t have a Blu ray player, so I don’t have a way to test at home. Both discs say invalid media when I put in normal DVD player.

Before I seek out a BR player, maybe someone can shed some light on if this is going to work?


I believe what you are talking about is a BD-5 disk. It must have blu ray video structure in order to be recognized as a blu ray video by a player. It should have BDMV folder containing the m2ts files and a Certificate folder.

You can make a blu ray disk on the hard drive using tsMuxeR. Burn to a single layer dvd disk using ImgBurn and the UDF 2.5 setting. Total size of the video would need to be around 4.35gb.

Not all blu ray players have good support for blu ray video on dvd media. Samsung is one that does not. Sony and Panasonic have good support for this since they are pushing AVCHD in their HD videocameras.


AVCHD is what you should be googling/wiki’ing :wink:

And windows XP does not recognise UDF2.5 DVD’s either, without the use of a 3rd party software, however I am yet to find any VERIFIED source that confirms that any BD5/BD9’s you make are required to be UDF2.5.


Interesting thought there debro. Have you tried making a BD5 or BD9 without UDF 2.5?


[QUOTE=Kerry56;2178882]Interesting thought there debro. Have you tried making a BD5 or BD9 without UDF 2.5?[/QUOTE]
Works fine as UDF2.0 (or similar) in my PS3 :wink:

Bluray of course are UDF2.5, but I can’t find anything reliable that specifies AVCHD has to be UDF2.5.

It’s only been mentioned occasionally in various video guides, and these authors are experts at video & associated programs … but not necessarily file systems & media :wink:


I think this thread sort of answers my questions, but I figure I’ll ask it again just to be sure…

I recently purchased the Sony HDR-SR11 60GB High Definition Handycam® Camcorder. This camcorder can shoot in high def, using the MPEG4 AVC/H.264 format.

I don’t currently own Blue Ray burner yet, but I do own a Blue Ray player.

My question is this…

I would like to shoot in HD most of the time, however, I’m not sure when I’ll get a chance to save them to Blue Ray disc.

Is it possible for me to burn the file to a regular DVD+R using whatever the Blue Ray disc format is, so that it will be true HD and can be viewed on my Blue Ray player?

I realize that the regular DVD+R disc can’t hold more than about 4.7GB of data, but that’s fine for me, as I think most of my recorders will be short in length/time.


I’ve found an AVCHD to DVD guide for you Bane. Let me know if it helps.


Thank you much. I’ll check it out.