Can I burn a TYG01 at TYG02 speed?

I have changed an unused MID to TYG01 and mapped the write strategy to TYG02. Update the firmware and run decrypter. Decrypter still shows 4x instead of 4x,8x (TYG02 write speeds).

Is this possible or now?

ps. I have replied in the MCSE thread but no one bothered to reply. Thanks :slight_smile:

I forgot to say that I’ll be using a Benq 1640.

I don’t know how about the benq1640 ,but with 1625 , the max write speed for TYG02 is 4X

TYG01 doesn’t even have a write strategy in the 1640. The reason you can only burn TYG01 @ TYG02 write strat at 8X is because the 1640 doesn’t support overspeeding!

However, you could always use the TYG03 write strategy for 12 & 16X speed, but I wouldn’t recommend it.