Can I burn a region2 DVD to a region4 DVD?

Hi all.

I just brought some Sherlock Holmes DVD’s. They are in PAL format which is fine but are Region2. My DVD player (non PC) is a region4.

Are there any ways or programs I can use to copy them (burn) onto a DVD but in region4 format? I would rather watch them on my standalone DVD rather than through the PC DVD.

Comments appreciated.

If the disc is single layered, then you can do this:

Assuming you have a DVD Burner available, then you can use DVD Decrypter in ISO mode to rip the DVD onto your hard disc in a region free .iso file. And then you can use DVD Decrypter again to burn the .iso to a blank PAL DVD that will play in all regions.

If the disc is double layered, then you will need to use DVDShrink or a similar tool to re-author it down to 4.38 GB, and then burn it to a DVD.

Or if you want something that is very simple and easy to use then Any DVD and Clone DVD can make a back up of your originals and it will also play in all regions

I believe…regionfree will also help you make this fly pretty painlessly…:slight_smile:

Have you not thought of unlocking your DVD player so it will play all DVD’s (ie region free) try looking here to see if there is a way to unlock your DVD player, or just post your make / model and I’ll have a look for you if you can’t find anything.

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That was one useful link, spent the last hour in the FAQ…after lookingup my set top to region free it.

thanks alot man…:slight_smile:

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