Can I burn a movie onto a DVD-RW disc and run it on a fairly new Sony player?



I’m not sure what type of Sony DVD player it is, but I know it is no later than 2007. I use DVD Flick and it works great, but I want to watch my movies on my DVD player. Just seeing if it will work. It is an avi file which was changed to the standard DVD format file. Don’t want to waste any money or time.

EDIT> Nevermind…I just tried it and it actually worked! I’m not sure how to lock my thread so I will let someone with those powers take care of that.


That the realm of the MOD. As for using RW, I would advise against using it as it best used for data storage and it cost more then SL or DL media. As one day you might try to play it in another standalone and it will says the disc error can’t be played or read or just keeps spinning and spinning til it ejects it. That is always the possilbility that you will run into. With SL or DL media you can booktype if it of +R media for standalone compatiblity playback. I don’t use -R media anymore just cause I look to booktype to DVD-ROM for standalone.