Can I burn a DVD with just a dvd decrypter?



or do I need a DVD burner drive?


You need a DVD burner.


You can with the software named DVD Decrypter.
However if you are using it to rip from a commercial dvd disc then you will need to compress it with DVDShrink for a single layer disc.

You will need to rip a commercial DVD disc with mode/ISO/Read to your HD.
Then use DVDShrink File/Open disc image then compress to a size for single layer.
If you are going to write to DL disc then DVD Decrypter will calculate the layer break automatically or you can set it.
To burn with DVD Decrypter mode/Write from an.ISO file to your DVD disc.
Since DVD Decrypter is no longer updated it won’t decrypt most newer movies.It will work fine for a lot of older movies or already decrypted data on a DVD disc.
DVDShrink will also let you go strait to an ISO from a DVD disc if it is already decrypted.
If you already have the files on your HD in standard DVD file format then you can’t write from those with DVD Decrypter to a DVD disc.
What you need to use is DVDShrink.
Open the VIDEO_TS folder on the HD.
Select Backup/ ISO Image File and burn with DVD Decrypter.
You will need both softwares DVDShrink & DVD Decrypter.
Another software AnyDVD might decrypt new movies for DVDShrink & DVD Decrypter.
I use other software for burning new movies & I haven’t tested this.