Can I burn a dvd that will play in all players

Hello I am trying to burn copies of my wedding video, and have used my dvd burner for the first time. I burned them all on dvd-r disks ,then I come to find out many of the people could not play them, So I tried them in all 4 of my dvd players, they playd in 3 of the 4, my sony surround sound system does not play dvd-r disks, However it will play dvd-r disk burned from my friends standalone dvd player, (he claims that when he is done recording his burner changes the disk from a dvd-r to dvd v) I have asked several people and no one has heard of such a thing.
I have since switched to dvd+r media which plays in all of my players, I was noticing on cd freaks reviews that my burner I think it is called benqu not spelled righs but something like that anyway it automatically changes the biteset or something to dvd-r (not sure what this means) however does this make my dvd+r media play in dvd-r players?? is there anything I can do??
P.S. I am using 1 click dvd software
thanks for any help,
Michael Burns

What it does is change the bitsetting to DVD-ROM. It essentially makes your DVD+R disc read like a factory pressed DVD disc, so it has a much higher compatibility. As far as truly being 100% compatible with all DVD Players, I don’t think that is possible no matter what you do. With that being said, it certainly will play on the vast majority of DVD Players. Incidentally, I think the issue is not which format you are using but the type of media you are using. Don’t simply trust name brand labels as they switch out manufacturers all the time. So just because you are getting a well known label from batch to batch doesn’t mean you are always getting the exact same discs.

a little info on bitsetting/s

You should use DVD+R media that works best in your BenQ dvd writer. That way it will minimize on PIF errors(can cause incompatibilities). Also you can use bitsetting to turn DVD+R media into DVD-ROM bookset type. That way all recorders will recognize the media. You can use OmniPatcher to update your drives firmware. If you feel the need to try new DVD+R media you can try Verbatim which you can find for a really really great price at a few online retailers. You can download the Omnipatcher program from the CodeGuys.

Omnipatcher works with BenQ drives? I didn’t know that